If you've spent any time in the world of brands and marketing, you've heard of the challenger brand.

We're here to usher in a new kind of brand for the world we now live in:

Welcome to the era of the Hero Brand.

Hero Brands help solve problems mere mortals cannot. They have purpose and meaning beyond simply making money.

They enjoy loyalty from their supporters (whether employee or customer), are easy to recognise and more resilient to financial downturns*.

They are many of the most successful brands of today and the brands that will own tomorrow.

This guide explores what makes a Hero Brand and gives you some steps toward becoming one.

So pull up your undies, strap on your cape and let's go up, up and away!

*Yes, we have proof of this, it's in the book!

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We started with two people, now we're 25. We know stuff. Not everything, but hopefully enough to share.

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